Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): I Drowned in her magical love

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I Drowned in her magical love

When love reaches thy heart,
spring arrives with the fragrances of love;
the hymns of love from nightingales,
and the melodies of water with her beloved;
Fills the world of thee with giggles.

These wounds on your heart will heal,
your scars will vanish with this love;
The joyful smiles bloom;
The freshness of spring bows.

When my Nuthatch eyes reached me,
my eyes can't see the beauty of flowing water,
my ears deafen to hear the nightingale,
the falling world of mine falls;
But, the love of Nuthatch held me.

Her love healed my wounds,
vanished my scars,
The giggles of joy bloomed;
'Tis freshness of spring bowed in front of her smiles.

The wings of love reached my soul,
to wander around her kingdom,
to dive into her love,
and I drowned in her magical soul