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I Remembered that Evening ✨

I remembered that evening when we were together,

Even the sunset seemed a bit peculiar.


You raised your hand and kept on mine,

Gradually, the stars emerged and shined.


It seemed as though every chamber in your heart was taciturn for me ,

Your lethiferous appearance attracted me .


That evening your eyes were the one staring me,

Your amiable look towards me which I could see.


My cheeks became refescent, I began to feel shy,

The moment you started the conversation and said “Hi”.


The firmament began to fade its brightness,

The breeze began to spread its coolness.


I knew I was loquacious,

but your presence made me speechless.


Our conversation began,

Things were moving with celerity until ichor gushed out from your organ.


I screeched seeing your wound,

suddenly you fell on the ground.


Tears were rolling down my eyes,

because you were important to me than other lives.


I remember the last words before your demise,”WE WILL COALESCE ONE DAY”.,

And your soul was parted with my dreams from this world which I remember till today🥀