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Life with no achievements!

Life with no achievements!


Life seems to be in vain,

For me to mourn with my unsatisfied,

Unpredictable desires to accomplish!

Where do I need to stroll for my destination?


Here and there my life lingers,

To explore and execute more,

Of my unattainable goals!

What is it that I am seeking for?


Looking around, feels so monotonous,

As watching millions of people,

Grabbing their dreams in flying colours!

What should I do from this moment on?


Everything seems so plain and dull,

That is, my life has rather become a routine,

Of same schedule, with nothing to explore!

Does my mind seem to be in a celebration for a good nap?


Everything becomes so unclear,

As I continue to permeate in this path,

Where I am just going along with my fate!

Will a day arise to become proud of myself?