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Midnight Darkness

After spending a hard day;

facing issues, choosing a dislike way.

When I come to my bed in moon-light,

I feel tired and restless.

A deep conversation starts me vs me

I try to dig out myself

at the midnight darkness.


All the lights are off,

but my eyes are not.

Everyone thought I slept,

but my eyelids are open.

Different thoughts running in my mind,

only this midnight darkness

knows the truth behind it.


In a dark square,

I take many restless turns.

Remembering bad days

affects me with stress.

Then tears, sleeplessness bothering me,

No one recognises but

midnight darkness knows when I cry.


I find it easy to hide,

in this dark world, in a twilight.

These night hours, I awake,

listening to ticking clock, sounds of cricket,

midnight darkness knows my secrets.


Negative thoughts or imaginary world

Distressing present or bright future

Uncountable inner noises or

judgemental people voices.

Things recreate again and again,

In the period of midnight darkness.


When at night

I found myself alone,

Fighting herself, dealing with pain,

Handling strain.

All the problems I am suffering,

knows this, “moment,”

that time midnight darkness grabs my hands.


I want to control, but I can't.

I try to stop, but I fail.

Every night you will come again,

And this continuation will go on.

I will be doing the same,

In this period of midnight darkness.