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Midnight Monologue

You are drawn to chaos,

You like the screams that don’t let you sleep

You crave for the chaos 

That doesn't let you sleep. 

You are enchanted by the illusions —

The illusions that haunt you in daylight

You are enamoured by the illusion 

That you see in broad daylight. 


In plain sight like a devil in the dark,

The shadows know your reality 

While the light hides the façade 

That you can see in the dark. 

You see it, you know it

And you crave it 

Yet, you wear new clothes on your rotten skin

Because I know that you know it. 


You look at chaos with lecherous eyes

And make love to the demons that don’t let you sleep. 

Then you pity yourself 

And drown in it as you weep. 

You let your illusions guide you;

The illusions that haunt you in broad daylight. 

They are the ones that will kill you 

When you try to sleep at night.