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<p>Thank you very much for submitting your poem to be considered for Featured Poem of the Week.  You certainly have a way with rhyme and there is a forceful energy in your poem.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me.  I wish you a very happy and creative day, Susan</p>


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You are the one…

<p style="padding-left: 40px;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><em><strong>You're the one…</strong></em></span><br />•In my every morning, uptill the night,<br />In my smiles and in the self fight,<br />You're the one, always present,<br />You're the one, to be ment,<br />You're the one, my only constant,<br />You're the one…<br />•Every day and in the weekend,<br />In every limits and its extend,<br />You're the one, hovering my fantasy fairyland<br />You're the one, m completely dependent,<br />You're the one, uptill my breath end,<br />You're the one…<br />•Every noon and its sunlight,<br />Every moon and its night,<br />You're the one, i just wanna be with,<br />You're the one, my heart's perfect smith,<br />You're the one, I'll love to shear my zenith,<br />You're the one…<br />•Every hour and its smallest second,<br />In every reality and in my fantasyland,<br />You're the one, standing besides me,<br />You're the one, stays inside me,<br />You're the one, who's love guides me,<br />You're the one…<br />•In my every laughter and the tear,<br />In my charm and in biggest fear,<br />You're the one, who lies in all,<br />You're the one, for whom my heart crawl,<br />You're the one, day n night my mind recall,<br />You're the one…<br />•In my every dream, and in realities,<br />In my mind, and all its fantasies,<br />You're the one, who stays there,<br />You're the one, i only desire,<br />You're the one, i want everywhere,<br />You're the one…<br />•In my deadliest silence, and in all my chants,<br />In shrinkage of my heart, or making it bouffant,<br />You're the one, besides everything,<br />You're the one, all worth being,<br />You're the one, i always dreamt of living,<br />You're the one…</p>