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Morning : Mourning of darkness

Masses of silver shine above,
Below stands wilderness.
The rain droplets try hard 
and hard and hard 
to abate sadness.
The crickets shreik loudly,
the canvas of horizon 
is painted with darkness.
Nothing to see, 
retinas are perplexed,
A luminescent firefly gives relief in this state of blindness.
Suddenly, a mass of energy grows in the east.
Marigolds assume colour, sparrows celebrate feast.
Cicadas turn enigmatic,
nests being left by sparrows.
Enthusiasm seeps in,
heated rush in the bone marrows.
It is the mourning of darkness as it lays pale and still,
Light stands proclaiming to the world,
I am here to spread positivity. 
I am determined and I will.
I will.  I will.  I will. 
Life is an exact replica of sun,
emerges from darkness, sweet rise then;
harsh proceedings lead to loss of peace and fun,
And the final sunset is a battle lost and still won.