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You might think this,

As it's often spoken;

That whatever breaks,

Is forever broken.


But let me say that,

It's just partly true;

Picking up the pieces,

Is totally up to you.


What you don't see is,

That it had been in fact;

So utterly meaningless,

When it was intact.


The cracks on it now,

Might seem chaotic;

But it's journey so far,

Holds a beauty poetic.


Every crack an adornment,

A wound healed with care;

And every blemish again,

An experience to share.


It's very easy to obsess,

Over what you lose;

But to reckon what you got,

Should you ever choose.


Surely one day you'll find,

Gone is it's ennui prosaic;

And now the broken pieces,

Make a beautiful mosaic.

(Ig: @m_uzair_ans)