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<p>Very romantic poem.  I am a bit confused by the line "My love who calls you thy…" is it "thine" or "mine" – thy, I don't think is quite the right word.  However, having said that, I can feel your emotion and genuine commitment to making us, the reader, feel something and be involved in the story you are telling.  Another suggestion – don't worry so much about the rhyme – poetry should be more dependent on imagery than a rhyme at the end of each line.  Thank you very much for submitting your poem.  I will consider it for Featured Poem of the Month for December.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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My love who calls you thy

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<p>Be someone's apple of the eye <br />And let her sadness passes by <br />Injustice to assign on her spy <br />You need not get it to verify</p>
<p>My love who calls you thy !</p>
<p>Just hold and stand beside my <br />Pain will automatically be fly <br />Don't ever more leave for cry <br />Tears have drifted to dry</p>
<p>My love who calls you thy !</p>
<p>She was Portraited in the Sky <br />Reckon, how much she's high <br />And you were left only to sigh <br />Justice is still asking Why</p>
<p>My love who calls you thy !</p>
<p>Why running after that guy <br />From earth to the sky <br />Whether someone is going to deny <br />both will solemnly come to die</p>
<p>My love who calls you thy ! </p>