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never have i ever


never have i ever

meant the words i

wrote to call it poetry

stars waited patiently for me 

to rip open my heart and

cry tears of blood

but i sat motionless

staring in abyss


stars never made me feel

heard the way you did


never have i ever 

truly met my eyes

after you walked away

smile never reached my eyes

for they were too far away

searching for yours

my image looked

prettier in your hazel eyes


mirrors never made me feel

seen the way you did


never have i ever

let earth kiss my soles

after you left tingles in my bones

sun's golden arms lay outstretch

to bask blessings upon my head 

but i stand still like melted wax

in memory of flame that

once ignited warmth within

on moonless nights


hugs never made me feel

embraced the way you did