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Rebel – The Feud Struggle, Afsana Noushad


They came-
All at once, straight ahead

Valiant self started to deplete~
Looked at my fellow comrades,
Dauntless and intrepid look buried their distress and anxiety filled eyes.
Yet- repentance never impeded its way.

Anticipation to procure the war,
was alone a mindless thought?
Battleground thronging with gunshots~
Smokes and ashes everywhere I turn to fight,
Unveiled my face with conviction to nothing but a mere soul.

“Among thy fears did I feel,
Nor, misery! did I know till then,
Petrified to elude from me
What love I bore to thee”
And she, I cherish linger'd upon herself.
Her letters' comfort concealed me within firm spirit;
For there I needed it, when I set my sail off to war.

'Tis blood covered o'er the path,
Bodies of comrades laid down,
Some crying upon torment and pain,
Some simply left with a bland body.
Voices of their sorrowful weep filled up the air,
With clouds darkening and crows howering;
whilst the battle continued at its peak.

Amidst the image of fatal and killing,
want'd this battle to end;
'Tis with a loud thud that ceased.
Tried to keep my hope up,
while her picture float'd away into the light.
and as I opened my arms to the fragile colours.