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Exploring the seasons


Life is short and definitely not for scrolling, the whole day.

Come on! Let's watch more sunsets than Netflix,

and explore the old cafés instead of starbucks.

On hot summer days let's witness the beauty of Dhabas.

Sit with me on the shady wooden cot,

far away from the decorated fancy restaurants. 

Come out of the “type,send,delete,react”

and let's talk over a cup of chai or coffee. 

From laying down and gazing at the stars,

to vibing on retro songs,

Let's see the beauty of shedding leaves, 

and get drenched in the rainy days. 

Come out of rectangular box and the video calls.

Come on! Let's admire the beauty of tiny little things,

and play with the children in the patli galis.

Let me take out of the decorated four walls,

to explore the beauty of nature and tradition,

because life's short, 

live and explore the present to the fullest,

Don't let the future narrate boring “stories” of trapped inside the four walls.