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Hey! Shut up!! 

Goes my mind voice. 

Is it I'm dumb? 

Or is it futile saying? 


You don't know the truth! 

Goes my mind voice. 

Is it that i too don't know? 

Or it's you who couldn't understand? 


You're wrong! 

Goes my mind voice. 

I could explain! but

You ready to hear?


You have mistaken! 

Goes my mind voice. 

Isn't there any trust

Or someone stole it? 


I listen, I take 

Whatever you say, 

Whenever you scream, 

No matter how I am. 


When are you gonna listen? 

When are you gonna trust? 

When are you gonna know? 

When are you gonna love? 


However you are… 

All of my thoughts,

All of my voice, 

All of my love, 

Is you.