Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): Stand apart!

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Stand apart!



Never set back! 



Don't feel bad! 

You are jam-packed with

Talent, grit, mettle, love… 

You ain't having those to bow.

If you don't deploy it! 

You aren't finely fit. 

Not many gets an opportunity, 

To use! Is your duty.


In attendance of 1000 audience,

Never show'em your grievance. 

It isn't vital to look down, 

When someone makes a frown. 

Ne'er mind what others say, 

Take it as light as “hay”.

Forbid your brain to overthink, 

If not ,it leads you to blink. 

Don't sit & search for reasons, 

It'll end you with treason. 

Get up, to make up! 

Inevitably be ready… (With) 

Head high, shoulders wide, feet steady. 

Give all of them an hifi, 

And spread love akin a wifi.