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That door

Got a call and I rushed back
To that old gate
Behind which we spent
More than a decade

Door after another
And we came to the place
Where the laughter can be heard
Where we scratched our names

The scribbled walls
The crumbled boards
The place where we made
Promises that broke us all

The swings swayed
The balls waved
Here we are but
Why can't we play?
Aren't those the empty grounds
That no more wander you away?

I still remember
How we landed up here
And how we fled
Those countless smirks
Now makes us feel weird

Be sure to be in contact,
Oh, you are busy!
When can we meet guys?
Now this drives me crazy

Aren't we supposed to be in contact?
Shouldn't we be calling?
Why is it that your secrets
Are no longer known by me?

Earlier we never took permission
To stay at each others' home
Or to eat up other's lunch
But here we are
All formal, all abnormal

Punishments that lasted a class
Bunks we made in mass
The school's nostalgia
By which we never can pass