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“You're beautiful”

I say as the moonlight softly caresses

Your face

As your cheekbones widen slowly 

And a soft smile appears on your lips. 


I feel my heart break and heal synchronous

The world around me hushes down

And it's just you in my sight

The floor beneath me feels as if spinning 

And my head matching with all its might. 


“You're mine”

I whisper softly, 

You crouch down a little

And whisper back against my lips

“And I always will be”

I watch my reflection in your ocean eyes

Watching myself drown with every second you exist by my side. 


Our fingers intertwined together

I know we both are dying

As our heartbeats once again synch with with each other. 


I blink once, I blink twice

And watch as your hue fades away

In the wind

Just like every night.