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The Destined Night

November 7th
The day I know,
As the day of union of three unknown souls,
The souls were bonded,
Yes! By Blood they were.
Yet! They never met
As destiny never permitted so.
Then the night came of the magical month,
When cards flipped and tables turned.
And the souls met unmindful of what would happen next.

The youngest was shy, the introvert,
The most caring in the three soul’s world.
Never hid conversing the ties of his hearts,
And challenged the world in its every part.
Love advanced in him,
I believe!
As he talked to them,
Forgetting the introvert part.

The second was clumsy, with a tender heart,
Dumbstruck! On seeing her fellow grown up counterparts,
Lover of Music or so I believe,
As she added her musical laughter to the magical night.
The carefree soul, the affectionate one,
Always thinking of today and making memories of past.

Third is me the eldest one,
Opening my heart to you O’ friend,
My words are all hidden feelings of mine as they uncover making the secrets blind,
I am too attached to both the souls,
And hope they are the same with me,
I am a mortal but my love is not,
So I unfurl to you the ties of my heart.

As night advanced, the magic too,
Placing a sapling of love in their tender hearts
Then the time came of saying Goodbye,
But now they knew that God does not want them apart.

That was a story of a beautiful past,
Where 3 souls met, by sheer chance,
And now in future they are again apart,
But I could say now,
That their hearts are attached by the string of love,
And of a short and beautiful past.

:-Mohammad Owais (student)