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<p>Thank you so much for sharing your poem, about the nature of love, with me.  I was touched by how you managed to create a sense of reality in the relationship between the sun and moon and the sun and the clouds.  You must be a very good observer of nature and the drifting of day into night, and night into day.  I appreciate your sending in your poem and will add it to those I am considering for Featured Poem of the Month for June.  – Susan</p>


Original Post by Shiby


<p><em>The sun n the moon, & their forbidden love. <br />that's what Poets talk about<br />But no one ever noticed "A lover".<br />"The clouds"<br />When She's missing her beau, the Sun. <br />Shattered and wandering alone.<br />He's someone who stays selfless in love, Forever<br />He (cloud) cuddles her<br />& trys to make her feel loved again<br />But he finds the moon, cold & lost again<br />But still ..he stays with her.</em></p>
<p><em>Throughout that dark and lonely night.</em></p>