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The Scent

As she waited by the shore

With an expression long lost forelone 

Biting cold wind went down her nerves

Still she waited on the verge

The waves came n forth


Touched her feet and there she saw—

Under the moonlight there he was

In the loneliness she smelt the scent

Which belonged only to her

With a blink their eyes met


And soon their shadows got tangled 

Tears sparkled and kisses exchanged 

He handed her a pearl of hope

A hug so warm and she fainted


She asked the nurse,”Where he is? “

“Passed away in an accident a day before”

Chill went down her spine

As she remembered yesterday's night

Her gaze went on a piece of stone


Inclosed in her shaking fist

A pearl of hope was there beheld

In that loneliness she smelt a scent

Which belonged only to her

As she flung the abortion pills

Back into the dustbin

It was then, when the BABY kicked!