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The spring song


The melody of cuckoo brings the news of thy arrival;
Her music, so pure and austere, assuring dormant soul's revival.
The winter's rival, friend of blossoms, and season golden,
Thou hast been awaited by hearts, which have turned cold and frozen.

The mist that lingers still, hangs as a veil down thy maiden face,
Mounted upon the fastest mare, of warmth and gleam with thy grace;
Crossing the horizon, mountains, brooks and meadows,
Thou cast thy charm over the weary woods and burrows.

The trees are loaded with blossoms, waving in the gentle wind;
Welcome thee showering their flowers, with the blooming scent of lind.
Butterflies fluttering their wings in joy, bees buzzing afresh after the season nival;
To join the noble services again, sprinkling the pollen, spreading the news of thy arrival.

Chirping birds are thy little escorts, verdure is thy welcome mat,
Mother nature engaged in work, planning thy welcome, a wonder to look at.
Thy wings are white and feathery light
Upon setting thy foot, the land shines bright.

Quaking ducklings swimming in the pond,
Dancing daffodils swaying to thy wand,
All shall rejoice to the melodious song,
Which thou will sing for a season long.