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Till the last stop of life

On a moving train,
That carries us,
In varied compartments.
I wish, I meet you more than once.
The past which it leaves behind.
The future which is predictably visible.
I wish, we step together on the nearest station.
We may have different directions.
Though, I wish, we decorate our home in the end.
You might like Italian,
And I would love Indian,
Though, I wish, we cook together in our little kitchen.
You might sleep late at night,
And I would be an early riser.
Though, I wish, we sit together admiring the beautiful night sky.
Joy and laughter would shape our bond.
Love and smiles must nourish life.
And the train of life must go on,
Till I lie on my death bed,
And you sit nearest to me,
Hoping to spend a few more seconds of eternal love.