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Tiny rain drop

Traveled through air in form of mist crossing all these vast oceans one last time.
Pushed by every cloud that were in the way without knowing what was its crime.
It kept traveling without stopping in the endless sky.
Gone through many more loud thunders and brightest lightening since it doesn't know how to fly.
Finally it took a shape, joining molecule by molecule in the emptiness of unknown space.
Surrounded by clouds that talk to each other in different language yet with a grace.
Slowly, the roars of these thunders started to sound like a symphony of new song.
Clouds all gathered with lightnings just like when moon appears, the stars come along.
In ceremony of the clouds and sky and with the melody of rumblings the wind kept dancing in the round.
It has stored all these memories in its tiny shape and began to descend without making any sound.
A tiny rain drop has finally fallen down on the deserted land only to realize there is not single plant or tree.
The tiny rain drop began to think about its journey and got upset. As there is no purpose of falling at such place, it yelled at God “oh lord, why did you set me free?”.
Before it heard the response, it evaporated into thin air leaving all that pain.
No matter the response, it had to die every time it hit the ground, then it takes rebirth just to repeat this cycle again.