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<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Week.  You create some lovely visual images.  I particularly liked, "…the dawn makes the dark prowl…"  I appreciate your sharing you poem with me, Susan</p>


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My Poem_Realms of Thoughts

<p>When your mind speaks your soul,<br />It plans to hit heaps of goals,<br />No second thoughts about the possible trolls,<br />As you always got to play your role,<br />Realms of thoughts prick my soul,<br />Thoughts never so fascinating,<br />Always make me believe time and again,<br />Dude! Your story is in making,<br />As if coal wished so long when it will turn gold,<br />Realms of thoughts prick my soul,<br />What makes so passionate about something?<br />May be the love of the people I am earning,<br />Everybody wishes to lead a life full of bling,<br />Our dreams make us feel like kings,<br />When the dawn makes the dark prowl,<br />Realms of thoughts prick my soul..</p>