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Words are not just words for me

Some 'words' are not just 'words' for me,

they are clusters of passing emotions

igniting the spark within.

It's not just love;

They are those unspoken untamed thoughts,

Whirling into the deep wilderness inside of me,

Who do justice to that electricity,

running at the back of my mind.


It's me in intangible threads-

In a hope to find the missing piece,

to wire together.

They are like thunder

waking me into this life,

forcing no more fake enthusiasm and spirit.

They just let me be- Me.

Comforting me through the hurricane

Softening my vulnerability.


Making enough space to allow my chaos to bleed,

They create vacuum just for my heart 

to cry in silence.

Those words don't label me under 'expectations',

they bare it all and love it all.

They allow the circus lion from the depth of my soul,

chase the deers in the dense forest and hunt them down.


They let me mourn, groan and be immature again,

and confide the darkest shade of me,

promising to not disclose it to others.

They see the truth with their blind eyes,

Complementing every part of my nakedness.


If I'm an apple pie,

They are the sugary apples,

in the batter of my clinging thoughts.

We gravitate towards each other,

You give me space and

I turn it into a galaxy,

with my wishes fulfilled by every falling comets,

Escaping the black holes allowing me to free fall.


Perhaps they like it like that-

making me drink the champagne 

And then throwing it up all clumsily.

That's all, I play the gamble game with them,

betting how far we go and breaking records everytime.

It's not just love, its more than that 

And less than nothing.

A match made in heaven for

'Words' are not just 'words' for me.