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<p>Poetry is many things and it is expressed in many different ways.  Poetry must touch us emotionally, so getting those words out that you are too afraid to say, is exactly what writing poetry is all about.  In poetry, the way we express what we are feeling is through the magic of imagery.  Instead of saying "I was afraid" we may say "I felt like a leaf in an approaching storm."  We transform our feelings into images so that others may feel what we are feeling, but in their own personal way.  I believe you are truly interested in writing poetry and I would suggest that you simply put your feelings down and then, do what all poets do, go back to what you've written and by applying poetry techniques (imagery/line break/alliteration, etc.) turn your words into a poem.  Wishing you wondrous good luck!  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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A question

<p>Hi, I have 2 questions actually. First, I just wanna say thank you for reading my kind of poems. I really appreciate it! I hope you are doing well:)</p>
<p>1. What if you know the words of a poem that you have been carrying but are too afraid to get the words out, How do you stop being scared and write the truth as it is? </p>
<p>2. How do you let poetry stay in its real form by not keeping them too loose(or too tight) and provide sufficient space? </p>
<p>I guess in a lot of ways, I try to find the meaning and the lines for what "poetry" is. I know it isn't fixed. But there's a lot of humanity and passion you can discover while asking what something means to a person.. Have a good day! </p>
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