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New reply from Susan Katz

<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month.  I particularly liked the line "How chaotic is holding on to every wrong and right…"  I appreciate you sharing your work with me.  – Susan</p>


Original Post by Anne

Ache of sanity

<p>When I have you on every sleepless night,</p>
<p>I see the glow getting bright and bright.</p>
<p>The dusk entangling the hold of sight,</p>
<p>And river menacing the lethal heights.</p>
<p>The rain engulfing the stillness of ends and fights,</p>
<p>How chaotic is holding on to every wrong and right.</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">But I'll keep you,in my air,pure and quiet!!</p>