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<p>I very much appreciate you submitting your lyrical poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month.  Yours in poetry, Susan</p>


Original Post by Muskaan


<p>The Dream</p>
<p>The Dream which I saw last night was of you,</p>
<p>You are of the most brightest face among the stars of few.</p>
<p>The brightness when fall on the ocean; of yours,</p>
<p>The large wave began to dance on ocean's shore.</p>
<p>Making the shape of the house, on ocean's surface,</p>
<p>The moon with full brightness walk down having your face.</p>
<p>The light enters the house with the face full of smile,</p>
<p>I welcomed that light and make myself star of that moon for a while.</p>
<p>He saw me with the face full of happiness and joy,</p>
<p>I started staring moon with all the helpless eye.</p>
<p>Suddenly a tear fall from my lens and moon gets scared,</p>
<p>He rubbed my tears and swallow it all and shouted at me as all he cared.</p>
<p>He grabbed my hands,hold me tight,kissed my forehead,</p>
<p>Comforted me with the words of blessing to shine with all the sparkling shade.</p>
<p>I sat on his lap and talked him with beautiful smile,</p>
<p>I kept looking at him and became his forever for a while.</p>
<p>Suddenly he gets up and told me of the time to get hide,</p>
<p>I started crying for a face to see which would never again going to slide.</p>
<p>He promised me to take care of myself and not to cry,</p>
<p>Started leaving my hands and I make myself losing in the world of shy.</p>
<p>I was helpless and all my hands raised towards the sky,</p>
<p>He then fade up to world up so high.</p>
<p>Suddenly all the clouds appears and shower the water in form of rain,</p>
<p>Having a blessing from a heart to other again.</p>
<p>As the rain stops the sky get cleared,</p>
<p>And the sun with full smile with warmth in hands appeared.</p>
<p>Yet the face of that moon was as similar as him,</p>
<p>He was mine forever last night in my dreams.</p>
<p> </p>