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<p>I particularly like your title "Burying Anger in a Distant Grave" – that is powerful, intriguing, and certainly poetic!  I am impressed by the tone and emotion of your short, imagery-inspired poem.  I'm wondering if it isn't "if your world like a glass" rather than "glass like world" – that confuses me just a bit.  Also, we don't "carve" glass so much as we create or recreate it.  I wonder if you would be willing to work a bit more on this very meaningful poem, and resubmit it.  I think it has great possibility.  Your Friend in Poetry, Susan</p>


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Burying anger in a distant grave (Imagery)

<p>Never bottle anger for the ones who love you. If your glass like world comes falling apart, you at least need someone to carve it again with you. </p>