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<p>Thank you for submitting your very insightful poem.  I think your poem might benefit from some research into English grammar, though I will say, I think you did a powerful job of getting your message across.  I like where you intend your poem to end, but think you need to reword that last line so that it says what you want it to.  Both are seldom – (plural since there are two) found (in?) bliss (in the form of?) bliss (as) bliss.  As written, it is a bit confusing.  I am very grateful for your interest in poetladykatz and thank you again, for sharing your work with me.  – Susan</p>


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<p>When people talk about beauty,<br />Seldom it's about the inner one.<br />It's always about eyes, nose, skin tone, height and weight,<br />Why not about other personality traits?<br />Things which mirror dosen't reflect.<br />If one is beautiful out and ugly within,<br />Is that beauty or the other way around,<br />Ofcourse, both is seldom found bliss.</p>