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<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration for Featured Poem of the Month, for June.  I think you are on to something – let's be one with the real world!  I very much like your lines "Let's see the beauty of shedding leaves, and get drenched in the rainy days."  I thank you for sharing your poem with me.  Good Luck, Susan</p>


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Exploring the seasons

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<p><span style="font-size: 1.4em;">Life is short and definitely not for scrolling, the whole day.</span></p>
<p>Come on! Let's watch more sunsets than Netflix,</p>
<p>and explore the old cafés instead of starbucks.</p>
<p>On hot summer days let's witness the beauty of Dhabas.</p>
<p>Sit with me on the shady wooden cot,</p>
<p>far away from the decorated fancy restaurants. </p>
<p>Come out of the "type,send,delete,react"</p>
<p>and let's talk over a cup of chai or coffee. </p>
<p>From laying down and gazing at the stars,</p>
<p>to vibing on retro songs,</p>
<p>Let's see the beauty of shedding leaves, </p>
<p>and get drenched in the rainy days. </p>
<p>Come out of rectangular box and the video calls.</p>
<p>Come on! Let's admire the beauty of tiny little things,</p>
<p>and play with the children in the patli galis.</p>
<p>Let me take out of the decorated four walls,</p>
<p>to explore the beauty of nature and tradition,</p>
<p>because life's short, </p>
<p>live and explore the present to the fullest,</p>
<p>Don't let the future narrate boring "stories" of trapped inside the four walls.</p>