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<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration for <br />Featured Poem of the Month, for June.  There is a wealth of feeling in your poem and "feelings" are what inspires poetry, so thank you very much for sharing this very personal poem with me.  – Susan</p>


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One Day.

<p>The light was dim and the television was on, </p>
<p>My sister adamantly watching another rom-com.</p>
<p>The clock stroke twelve which conveyed,</p>
<p>The commencement of the day I first saw him years ago, actively being replayed.</p>
<p>Sitting there trying to subtle my expressions,</p>
<p>I read his message through the notifications.</p>
<p>Alongside, my best friend congratulated me entirely proud,</p>
<p>And I just sat there, feeling emotionally drowned.</p>
<p>Reminiscing all the moments and intense hurdles we had experienced together already,</p>
<p>There was a wave of sentiments entrenched throughout my body,</p>
<p>Despite the societal differences, we held onto the hope of being united and accepted one day happily,</p>
<p>And in that instance, I apprehended the strength of loving someone truly.</p>
<p>Overwhelmed, I open his message in haste,</p>
<p>Reading his sweet deliverance of feelings with taste,</p>
<p>Eyes well up, as I feel this irrepressible realisation in my pit,</p>
<p>Unable to express much virtually, I just reply with complete honesty that, “you are it”.</p>
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