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<p>Very impressive image (shore/tides) that you maintain throughout your poem.  Well done.  I like the flow of the poem – in keeping with your ocean/tidal theme and, I like your message of why you write poetry.  Well done – and thank you for sharing.  Your poem, as with all poems submitted, will be considered to be featured on my Instagram page, in the coming days.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Finding myself ( Why I write poetry)

<p>I am often a shore</p>
<p>Bearing the sands..</p>
<p>Of joy, sorrow, love and</p>
<p>Waiting for the tides </p>
<p>to wash me into the oceans so deep</p>
<p>And sanctify me ….eventually where I can rediscover myself </p>
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