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<p>Thank you for sharing your very emotional poem with me.  You have some very good lines and state your passion with energy and intensity.  I very much liked the way you expressed how life is treating you "They want to turn me into ashes….<br />They wanted to buried me alive…." and still you manage to hold on to hope that things will turn around, that the "boat of life" will "return."  This poem is too long for me to feature on my Instagram page but, I do congratulate you on your effort and encourage you to spend a little time on brushing up your English grammar.  I think the poem would benefit greatly from that.    I would also encourage you to Keep On Writing!  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Hope-A sailor Boat

<p>In the broken story of a silence storm<br />The boat of the life gets out of the vision<br />Yes it's very difficult to bring it back <br />May be it's not possible….. <br />But still there is a little hope <br />A little hope to get it back…</p>
<p>May be like this the hope of mirages of life gets clear out… <br />The foggynes of the life adjust the vision of the life.. <br />And then?? <br />Then the rest of the story is known only by my silence…. <br />Then I can visualize the life in another with my dumb eyes…..</p>
<p>Is it really easy?? <br />To get that boat of life return back? <br />Or is it only the hope <br />That makes me believe that the boat will return <br />Which makes me unknown to myself in the front of the mirror of life……..</p>
<p><br />The known faces are lost under the mask……<br />To know myself is now great task…. <br />I want to have myself back in my own way…</p>
<p>Many words about me are flying here and there….. <br />They want to turn me into ashes…. <br />They wanted to buried me alive….<br />But still there is a hope to get that boat of life return back…..</p>
<p><br />From being alone to become isolated I have traveled the journey…. <br />I have started decaying after this hide and seek from life… <br />The rest is only a bunch emotions turn into ashes…… <br />Still I am looking into my life with my dumb eyes….. <br />Why?? <br />Because still there is a little hope <br />A little hope to get that boat of my life back into life to cross the river Named "Life"….</p>