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<p>Thank you very much for sharing your poem with me and, for submitting it for consideration as Featured Poem of the Month for July.  I was surprised, as I read your poem, to discover "she" was a mother deer anxious for her beautiful baby.  You display a lovely connection to nature and to living creatures, which comes through in your words and lines and message.  Again, thank you for sharing, Susan</p>


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Life in the woods

<li>In the woods <br />there she stood <br />helpless as it seemed <br />she looks so scared <br />she looks so fierce <br />the life of her child <br />was which she worried <br />she became so strong <br />she became so wild <br />but nothing could make the little deer smile <br />eyes showed the pain she had <br />limbs showed the wounds she had <br />the roar of the tiger <br />is what she feared<br />from a far came an additional roar <br />which made the mother's heart go sore <br />she looked at the trees <br />and then looked at the flowers<br />saying this she closed her eyes <br />this is how i bid goodbye <br />dear child you go far away <br />have some fun and live your days<br />no matter how bad it looks <br />this woodland is your only roof <br />during the day u see the sun <br />the race for life has just begun <br />don't be swift n slow in the run <br />cause what's done can't be undone<br />at night you see the stars <br />see the flowers n see the scars <br />the chirping birds will make you relax<br />the ducks will help u sleep with quacks <br />within a moment the baby ran away <br />that's when the mother passed away <br />this is how a day ends in the woods <br />but still they continue their livelihood.<br />                                   vervian….</li>