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<p>Thank you so much for sharing.  There is so much emotion and feeling and love and I can feel it.  That's what words should do – express our feelings – speak from the heart.  – Susan</p>


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Love for my bestfriend whom I call family!

<p>Inside the stone build walls we met,</p>
<p>Which was named school,</p>
<p>We stared at each other seeing our clowned up faces,and fell in bits of laughter.</p>
<p>As friends,</p>
<p>We met,not by coincidence</p>
<p>Not sheer luck,</p>
<p>I don't know what I believe in,</p>
<p>fate sounds too good to be true.</p>
<p>We were trapped in a crowd of all unkown faces,which means I was all alone.</p>
<p>You came all the way up to me,held my pinky,and asked me to sit with you.</p>
<p>I felt being alone in a room of unknown faces was scary,until I met you </p>
<p>I thanked the crowd and my fate..</p>
<p>You gave me room to grow,</p>
<p>It doesn't mean you must be lonely, for there's more people you need to know,</p>
<p>I recognised you as my own,</p>
<p>When everyone put me down,you held me up with your kind words.</p>
<p>If I hadn't been fortunate enough to have a friend or two,</p>
<p>But the one that stands out from all the rest,</p>
<p>Is you my friend,my very best!</p>
<p>You've been with me through thick and thin,</p>
<p>When I just wanted to cry,you made me grin.</p>
<p>This bond know no genetics,</p>
<p>Friendship is a peculiar seed,no matter the season,the weather nor the time of the day .</p>
<p>We are twin stars </p>
<p>With different births.</p>
<p>My caring shadow_it has your face,</p>
<p>The voice of my soul ,knows well your name.</p>
<p>Tell me,can you hear my heart?</p>
<p>Oh! How I love you?</p>
<p>My best friend!</p>
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