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This is such a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing! Sending love and light.
– Pam 🙂


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Winter sigh

<p>days rush by</p>
<p>faded polaroid sky</p>
<p>drops down all dry</p>
<p>only to turn glint white</p>
<p>cover up the mistakes</p>
<p>of our piled up history</p>
<p>how many seasons</p>
<p>shall dust our hearts</p>
<p>will we try</p>
<p>to see spring tender eyes</p>
<p>furled beneath bright</p>
<p>laden branches</p>
<p>sparse yet strong</p>
<p>rooted and tall</p>
<p>promise dreamt right</p>
<p>deep summer comes true</p>
<p>as a kite's flight</p>
<p>past telephone lines of despair</p>
<p>and autumn's siren call</p>
<p> </p>
<p>heal white winter sigh</p>
<p>treat me to sight</p>
<p>sweet white winter sigh</p>
<p>take me to light</p>