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The ballet of butterflies!

The Ballet of butterflies!

Such large mesmerizing wings,
With enchanting swings,
There are no dukedom of kings,
To wake them in flings!
Such carefree movements,
I wonder if they are in some sort of dance?
To make the world take a glance,
At their flapping dashing waltz!
Two antennas like ears,
Looking forward to the skies,
Like an ballerina who is flawless,
Luring out audience at small steps of glides!
A ballerina fly that is too restless,
Ends up taking a break away from the stage,
After a few minutes,
She turns up her own page,
By going on to the next nature stage,
Leaving behind her soul with previous tree mage,
She loves her ballet without hesitation,
Hoping on to the next stage,
To lure out souls with her fluttering ballet,
Which is a performance with absolute warrent!
– swetha.