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<p>Thank you so much for sending your poem honoring the beauty, grace, and magical qualities of butterflies.  I too, watching them glide from flower to flower in spring and summer, am captivated by their unique elegance.  I would suggest that your poem would benefit from less rhyme.  Your thoughts are lovely and would flow more gracefully, without the effort of trying to rhyme every line.  I do very much appreciate your interest in www.poetladykatz and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.  – Susan</p>


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The ballet of butterflies!

<p>The Ballet of butterflies!</p>
<p>Such large mesmerizing wings,<br />With enchanting swings,<br />There are no dukedom of kings,<br />To wake them in flings!<br />Such carefree movements,<br />I wonder if they are in some sort of dance?<br />To make the world take a glance,<br />At their flapping dashing waltz!<br />Two antennas like ears,<br />Looking forward to the skies,<br />Like an ballerina who is flawless,<br />Luring out audience at small steps of glides!<br />A ballerina fly that is too restless,<br />Ends up taking a break away from the stage,<br />After a few minutes,<br />She turns up her own page,<br />By going on to the next nature stage,<br />Leaving behind her soul with previous tree mage,<br />She loves her ballet without hesitation,<br />Hoping on to the next stage,<br />To lure out souls with her fluttering ballet,<br />Which is a performance with absolute warrent!<br />- swetha.</p>
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