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<p>hi!<br />i can finally conclude that i "finished" the poem<br />just to give you a brief about the poem a short summary kind of thing so that you are able to get an idea about what i am trying to say<br />The poem takes us on a voyage through the eyes of a man who is looking out his and he remembers his past how he was a child who had no extraordinary abilities.<br />An innocent soul who just had the power of original thinking with which he live half his childhood<br />The boy was enjoying his childhood his freedom doing what he liked but then the mighty men metaphor to all parents who take their child away from their imagination and bashes their ideas their original thinking confining them to a syllabus of school or college destroying their power to think and just making them a robot who is left to care for himself in a world for which he was never prepared for with a programmed mindset.<br />I hope i was able to explain to you well enough , if not please forgive me</p>


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Mighty Men

<p>Peeping through the window,</p>
<p>Running in the wild I saw,</p>
<p>My younger self</p>
<p>Just look how handsome he was</p>
<p>A boy of simple bones and flesh</p>
<p>No talents he had to impress</p>
<p>It was just he and his innocence</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Basking in the glorious sun</p>
<p>Look at this carefree one</p>
<p>Lying under shady trees</p>
<p>Playing with the fairies free</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Then on a single day</p>
<p>The gazing sun lost its shine</p>
<p>Fairies, pixies all went blind</p>
<p>Lonely soul was confused</p>
<p>For he did not know</p>
<p>What is needed to be done?</p>
<p>Mighty men arrived</p>
<p>The boy ran for his life</p>
<p> </p>
<p>They all went after him</p>
<p>And he sat in his car</p>
<p>The closest to his life</p>
<p>As it would turn into anything</p>
<p>He liked or disliked.</p>
<p>The car roared through the growing forest</p>
<p>With the hope to escape from them</p>
<p>The chase changed to a fight</p>
<p>And then there was cannons against beams of light</p>
<p> </p>
<p>As his laser started increasing</p>
<p>Pinching mighty men,</p>
<p>Piercing their weapons</p>
<p>They came with all their strength</p>
<p>Thrashing the poor boy inside</p>
<p>As he sat with his broken friend</p>
<p>Ah! The poor broken friend</p>
<p> </p>
<p>The mighty men took the boy with them</p>
<p>Inside their aging den</p>
<p>Schooled him till the day he learned</p>
<p>No objection to the men’s word</p>
<p>No questions out of syllabus</p>
<p>Only mug, mug and mug</p>
<p> </p>
<p>After years of programming</p>
<p>The boy was released</p>
<p>A shattered machine in the wild fields</p>
<p>Waiting to unite,</p>
<p>With his love, his life</p>
<p>His friend of old time</p>
<p>Which still laid in the forest</p>
<p>The forest known as child</p>
<p>And the friend was none other than</p>
<p>His mind, imagination open wide</p>