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<p>I can feel the love and the admiration that someone in your life, inspired.  What I would have liked to have seen more of, are the techniques that make a poem, a poem.  I would have liked to have seen imagery (metaphor and simile) interesting line breaks and perhaps, a bit of alliteration.  Your message is strong and clear and well said – now, you may want to craft this piece into a poem that makes us feel what you feel and know what you know.  Thank you so very much for sharing your work with me, Susan</p>


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My Best Friend

<div dir="auto">A gleeful supporter , a severe mentor</div>
<div dir="auto">A precious friend – with whom I share a bond with no end</div>
<div dir="auto">A reliable association – filled with inspiration</div>
<div dir="auto">A lady so dear – but still to fear</div>
<div dir="auto">The face with glee , at times , makes me flee</div>
<div dir="auto">Anger like fire – yet a lot to admire</div>
<div dir="auto">Fights are rare – if happen; I cannot bear</div>
<div dir="auto">My personal human diary – but surely not a fairy </div>
<div dir="auto">For any of my mess – she is always ready with " yes your highness"</div>
<div dir="auto">From super sad lowkey mood to "what say about a party dude "</div>
<div dir="auto">She stayed by my side like a shadow— peace similar to the one i got looking at the sunset from my window</div>