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<p>Thank you so much for submitting your very lyrical and philosophical poem for consideration as Featured Poem of the Month.  I find your poem to be well written and speaking in a voice that is both classical in tone and yet, somehow contemporary, as well.  I do think your poem, at times, is a little difficult to understand – but then, poetry must be felt and visualized, as well as understood, and we certainly feel the emotion in your poem.  I will be announcing the chosen poem by the end of the first week of November.  Thank you again, Your friend in Poetry, Susan</p>


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Pains & Pleasures

<p>For the poetry submission:</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Pain & Pleasures</p>
<p>Life- A crest and trough of intuitive emotions,</p>
<p>Imperfect which art to measure our deeds;</p>
<p>For ripples art interim, in those countless drops of Adam’s ale,</p>
<p>Ah! Their gentle flow- A prelude to the endless tale.</p>
<p>The sun- tis’ encompassing those stars at bloom,</p>
<p>Igniting souls to perceive their way;</p>
<p>Daredevil sailors, who travel through dark nights,</p>
<p>Renders those stars, voyaging back to their land.</p>
<p>The life, tis’ ending & worries art minuscule,</p>
<p>Mere dreams- A way to bear all pleasure;</p>
<p>But when we desire, to sentence the unknown,</p>
<p>An obnoxious mutiny- to ensnare holy soul.</p>
<p>O love- Ye be the designator of some emotion,</p>
<p>For some, ye art an ineffectual casket;</p>
<p>& then those impulsive, who art fervent to savor,</p>
<p>Whast true love is- An elixir of desire.</p>
<p>O cosmic attires- Tailored to prettify the world,</p>
<p>With edifice- such lofty, stirring revered Caelum;</p>
<p>Tis’ sinful, humans’ art erect before the Lord,</p>
<p>Now art realizing, with genuflect in regret.</p>
<p>Viridity- Tis’ a symphony to the eternal passage,</p>
<p>Whist or feverishness, unpredicted in the kismet;</p>
<p>Éclat or vain- Endure ye pursuit,</p>
<p>For whast leal, tis’ amid pains & pleasures.</p>