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<p>Very nicely done – concise and written with an eye towards imagery.  I very much like the concept of the soul being "a bird that changes its cage…"  I wonder if you are familiar with the poetic concept of enjambment.  It means ending a line so that it means one thing on the first line and then something else (or something more) when it connects to the next line.  For example, if you wrote your first line in the following way, you would be creating a lovely and dramatic example of enjambment.  "The soul is a bird that changes its cage to live/ (line break) forever in this dusty old earth."  Just a thought and the hope that you consider it.  Your poem is strong, it could be even stronger.  I will definitely be featuring it in one of my poetladykatz Instagram posts in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you so very much for sharing – and write on…  Your  friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Soul Is A Bird

<p>The soul is a bird that changes its cage <br />To live forever in this dusty old earth.<br />So no fear we have to die <br />We are the beginning and the end.</p>
<p>— Srijit Raha</p>