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<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration as Featured Poem of the Week.  What a great "pep talk" your poem is – filled with positive emotion and possibility.  We should all have such a great outlook.  Wishing you a very creative day, Susan</p>


Original Post by Harshini

Stand apart!

<p>Scared, </p>
<p>Afraid, </p>
<p>Never set back! </p>
<p>Fear, </p>
<p>Nervous, </p>
<p>Don't feel bad! </p>
<p>You are jam-packed with</p>
<p>Talent, grit, mettle, love… </p>
<p>You ain't having those to bow.</p>
<p>If you don't deploy it! </p>
<p>You aren't finely fit. </p>
<p>Not many gets an opportunity, </p>
<p>To use! Is your duty.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>In attendance of 1000 audience,</p>
<p>Never show'em your grievance. </p>
<p>It isn't vital to look down, </p>
<p>When someone makes a frown. </p>
<p>Ne'er mind what others say, </p>
<p>Take it as light as "hay".</p>
<p>Forbid your brain to overthink, </p>
<p>If not ,it leads you to blink. </p>
<p>Don't sit & search for reasons, </p>
<p>It'll end you with treason. </p>
<p>Get up, to make up! </p>
<p>Inevitably be ready… (With) </p>
<p>Head high, shoulders wide, feet steady. </p>
<p>Give all of them an hifi, </p>
<p>And spread love akin a wifi. </p>
<p> </p>