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<p>Thank you for sharing this short, but very well written, poem in tribute to The Night Sky.   You have some very poetic, rhythmic, and well written lines in your poem.  I particularly like "Radiant Moon Amidst the Clouds" and "Cool Comfort of Darkness."  Keep writing and experiment with poems that don't rhyme but rather, focus more on the image and the emotional connection you have towards the subject matter.   – Susan</p>


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The Night Sky

<p><em>The Stars Upon The Sky </em><br /><em>Pull My Heart To Dream High,</em><br /><em>Radiant Moon Amidst The Clouds </em><br /><em>Incessantly Motivates Me To Try.</em></p>
<p><em>Cool Comfort Of Darkness</em><br /><em>Cuddles My Soul Whenever I Cry,</em><br /><em>It Pacifies My Spirit </em><br /><em>Staring At The Night Sky.</em></p>