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<p>Thank you so much for this very well written and very intriguing poem.  I like the rhythm, the way the poem moves from line to line, taking us along on, what turns out to be, a slightly unexpected destination.  I like your "slant rhymes" and the energy of your images.  I will be featuring your poem, in the next two weeks, on my poetladykatz Instagram page.  I thank you so much for your interest in poetladykatz and for sharing your poem with me.  Write on!  – Susan</p>


Original Post by RelicDJames

Time ~ Ash

<p style="text-align: center;">Apart across the frozen lake</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">past the fallen leaves</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Following the drops and falls</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">water on its breeze</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Burn and turn as it</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Drips and dries</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Past the bright and essenced</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Rhymes</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Until</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">Enough is enough</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">For all to be.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"> </p>