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<p>What an emotional poem and how well you tell us how you are feeling.  Thank you so very much for sharing your work with me.  I very much like the reference to the fragrance that is so tied to this person you are "incomplete without."  I am not featuring long poems at this time but congratulate you on a meaningful and heartfelt poem.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Title: My dear half! Name: Yukta Hindurao Rane

<p>A gust of wind when strikes my lock of hair,<br />They don't listen to me to stay quiet.<br />For they don't belong to me anymore,<br />Thus need your fingers to place them right.<br />A bunch of memories when flood my heart,<br />It forgets breathing, the moment you flash.<br />But I would prefer not to breathe,<br />For without you, everything seems just ash.<br />My piece of mantilla when stuck in bush,<br />I still feel it's you!<br />Holding it and pulling me behind,<br />When I turn back, I realize it's just my mind.<br />A fragrance of perfume, when enter my nostrils,<br />Even a pleasant odor doesn't fascinate.<br />For my nose is now acquainted to your masculine, husky smell,<br />Inhaling which, my lungs saturate.<br />My every single inch occupies you,<br />My every single thought thinks of you,<br />My every single heartbeat beats for you,<br />My every single moment of life is tied with you.<br />What else proof do I need?<br />I am completely lost in you.<br />But I don't want to find myself now,<br />Because I am incomplete without you.</p>