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<p>Nice!  One suggestion – might it be more to the point to say "massacred (by) unrighteousness?"  The line seems just a little off by the use of the word "in."  I do, however, very much like your poem – the tight fist of it and the potent message, and the lovely rhythm.  I will definitely be considering your poem to be featured on my poetladykatz Instagram page in the next week or two.  Thank you for sharing.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Unrhymed Submission

<p>                 Incognito </p>
<p>My life is like a cocktail party, </p>
<p>Massacred in unrighteousness,</p>
<p>Neither bliss, nor splendour </p>
<p>Rather an absolute unidentified archipelago </p>