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<p>There are some very strong images in your poem.  I particularly liked "Till your begging to be released from the prison of my mind/out in the form of beautiful words."  I also very much like "the thunder of your footfall."  I'm a little less sure of "chock-full" as it somehow seems out of place.  Well conceived, well written, emotionally charged poem!  Thank you so much for sharing with me.  I will definitely consider your poem to be featured in a future poetladykatz Instagram post.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Write About You

<p style="text-align: left;">If I could write about you, <br />With the same force that drives my thoughts, <br />Ruthlessly, relentlessly<br />Devouring my existence in the blink of an eye, <br />I'd stay up all those nights I wasted dreaming of you<br />And torture myself into agony<br />Till you're begging to be released from the prison of my mind<br />Out in the form of beautiful words. <br />I'd learn your movements, and the thunder of your footfall<br />Your heavy breathing at my shoulder, urging me on and on<br />I'd write till my wits collapse<br />I'll write till I'm chock-full of sea water and cigarette smoke in my lungs. </p>