I am both pain and passion

I am the sea leaving the shore

and then in glorious reversal

embracing it once more     I am the sunlight

in the morning    a glow beyond the hills

I am the starlight     in the deepest night

an endless dream that spills like radiant

light into the darkest corners of despair

I am everyone and everywhere      I am the words

that wind their way around the heart    they never stop

they only start and take me far beyond desire

where love is lyrical and sorrow dire     I am the poem

the poem is me      it is the way it was meant to be and now

though years have left me battered     left me broken     left me

shattered    I still have words that must be spoken

I will place them

on the blank and waiting page

and they will speak for me 

long after death      for poems live on

beyond the grave and may some distant day

exhale        my final breath…

– Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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