For the next two weeks I would like you to indulge yourself.  I would like the lesson of the moment to be, a deep dive into yourself, into your motivation for writing, for being a poet.  I think we often take for granted the gifts we are given, the directions we seem destined to go in, and the passions that we are prisoner to.

I always say that I never chose poetry but rather, it chose me.  My father read the same poems to my sister as he read to me, and my sister was unmoved, uninspired.  I, on the other hand, was delirious with joy and wonder, and the unimaginable gift that my father had given me, of poetry.  From the first time he read to me, to this day, poetry is not a choice but rather, a drive, a need, and a purpose.  I write because I must.  I write because to not write, is not an option.

So, as an exercise, discover the inspiration for the poet in you.  Go back over the years and find those moments, those people, those events that showed you the way or, moved you in the direction of poetry.  I think you’ll discover, as I did, that writing poetry is a gift of knowing yourself.  If I were to stop writing, I would lose the map to myself.  And, of course, knowing oneself enables you to reach out and connect with others.

If you feel you’d like to share your thoughts, please go to www.poetladykatz.com and click on the Chat Room option.  I would love to know what makes you – a poet.

2 thoughts on “LESSON 22 _ WHY I WRITE POETRY

  1. Anwesha Majumder says:

    I wanna answer this through a poem.
    So, I write poetry because :

    It helps me express my feeling
    And all things with which I’m dealing
    It makes me love and embrace
    And travel to an unknown place
    It makes me laugh or cry
    And makes me think very high
    – Anwesha

    I’ll hope that my poem has brought a smile on your face. As a 13 year old, I apologize if I made any mistake. I’m posting this with lots of love for all those who reads it and even to those who doesn’t. Thank you

  2. Shrikant Rath says:

    Wonderful…yes, you could couldn’t be more right…poetry is all about connecting deep with your soul, with your feelings, with your thoughts…and the songs they sing…the melody they make…the noises they create…ahh…poetry is wonderful…I love your poetry…every poetry connects soul to soul.

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